Activities Suspended for the Time Being

At the heart of everything we do is the understanding that we must love God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind, and to treat our neighbors as we wish to be treated ourselves. Which is why we have suspended our gatherings during the pandemic. We see this time as an opportunity for growth and we look forward to meeting face to face again soon. Until then, please visit our community prayer section and continue to pray for our world at this most difficult time.


St. Columba the Exile

Progressive Faith - Celtic Spirit

We are a digital faith community with various physical expressions. We are the children of exile; exiled from traditional religious institutions yet still seeking. We are those who know that the Divine is not only found in gothic buildings late in the weekend. We strive to open our hearts, and offer our hands as we not only gather for prayer or devotion, but also for service as we work for social justice.


Our Community

St. Columba the Exile

St. Columba's is an active faith community like no other. 
We have no single location as you may be used to with other communities.
We often meet in homes (or cafe's or bowling alleys, or wherever) 
like the earliest of Christian communities (Col 4:15, Acts 1:13, 1 Cor. 16:19.)
We take to the streets to advocate for social and ecological justice (Luke 4:18-19.)
We worship, study and share a meal (Acts 2:46-47.)

We are those who still find faith at the core of our lives but need an open space to explore. 
We are those who identify as spiritual but not too religious.
We are those who know all too well the pain that institutionalized religion has caused.
Like our patron Saint Columba, we too are exiles in our own little ways.


Life of Prayer and Work

Sursum Corda: Lift up Your Hearts

We are connecting; whether that means by a digital platform or social media, gathering in solidarity for the least in our communities, or sharing our experiences of the divine presence in our lives.

Dinner Party

Dinner Church


Baptisms - Weddings - Funerals

Flowers in a Glass Jar
Young Woman Reading Tablet

Community Prayer

We are quite often a dispersed community. One way that we stay connected is through a shared life of prayer and devotion.

Environmental Justice 

We are committed to environmental justice and sustainability in order to be good stewards of God's creation.


Social Justice

Fight for those on the margins.


Be a bright flame before me, O God

a guiding star above me.

Be a smooth path below me,

a kindly shepherd behind me

today, tonight, and for ever.

Saint Columba of Iona



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